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My way to get rich is the result of my personal journey online; it is dedicated to the Newbie Internet Marketer, in the hope that you may avoid the worst pitfalls online. Within you shall find the knowledge and experiences from 2009 to the current day. Without a doubt it is a rough and most difficult journey for the unwary, so help yourself to succeed by being guided by someone who has made the journey before you.

As they say, If Only!!

So many “if only” apply to the inexperienced “newbie” online, the worst is without a doubt the scammers, selling quick fixes and so called press button cash machines. The monetary rip-off is not the worst issue; the time wasted is by far the real killer.

Whilst you spend weeks studying and implementing junk, the real work is not undertaken and before you know it, you have wasted months if not years of endeavor. You have also loaded your thinking processes with miss-information; this is commonly called Information Overload and would be the 2nd major cause of failure for online businesses.

This in turn saps your drive and motivation, and explains the high failure rates of Internet businesses. 95% of which fail due to simply the fact that people give up after wasting months of effort only to find they were chasing pie in the sky. It requires Knowledge, Planning, Endurance and intestinal fortitude to be a successful entrepreneur, trust me you don’t need the frustration of wasted time and effort. Nor the pre-ordained failure.

Also please note: The Internet changes regularly as a result of Google upgrading its algorithms, and social factors. All internet marketing information in any form is out-dated quickly as a result. Some changes are minor, but some completely change the methodology required to be a successful Internet Marketer.

 ALL such products should be studied in the broad sense; as some information is evergreen, but most is not.

Our Staff is continuously upgrading our products, but it is a never catch up task, for your security and peace of mind, I recommend you also read current information posted daily on this website or submit a request comment if you require an update on your particular area of interest.

My way to get rich is loaded with REAL information, there is absolutely no charge what so ever. All the information you need to make fully informed choices is available free in our articles. Simply study everything first and decide on what areas interest you the most, then look at the strategies you will find in the information that supplement your choices. Most of these strategies can be done manually “not recommended” but each article will explain this more in depth.

You our visitors can help us to help you, if you desire more information or advice on anything; it would be appreciated if you could send us a request through the comment field or via a support ticket. This allows us to always focus on our customer interests, and in the end helps us to concentrate our efforts to our mutual greater benefit.

How and Why mywaytogetrich.com generates income.

Mywaytogetrich.com is part of the TFCO group of websites, and as such all profits are directed to The Family Care Organisation, a self-funded charity directed at Neonaticide.

We produce our own products as well as PLR products we have purchased the resale rights too. To purchase them simply click on any product image to find out more information about that product. But it is advised most strongly to buy NOTHING until you have fully studied the resources provided free. This will effectively increase your chances of being successful in any online business, and far sooner than by any other method.

Note: DO NOT BUY before joining our mailing list, as we offer all opted in customers a 50% discount on our own already discounted prices.

Please be aware our higher priced offers are already discounted to the contractual maximum allowed amount, we are also unable to discount affiliate offers.

We also support as affiliates a few recommended services and product of other developers. These products we generally use in-house for our own marketing needs, or to further our knowledge which must be continually nurtured to remain successful online. As stated these are highly recommended and represent the cream of the crop of online product or service providers that we have total faith and confidence in.

Note: For customers buying through our affiliate links, we offer special bonus packs of supplement products that accentuate the purchased product. Simply send us your payment record information and we will forward you the bonus packs that complement your purchase.  

We hope you have a very successful and trouble free journey online, and feel free to question and ask for assistance, it is what this website is designed for.


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